Our attendees rated you as the BEST speaker from last weekend’s conference. You had great stage presence, great content and great rapport with everyone there. I’ve noticed a few franchisees putting your ideas into action this week!
— Ron Holt, Two Maids and a Mop
Our program participants were thrilled to have Doug speak with us. His message resonated with us on a personal and professional level, and we quickly bought in to his message of being nice. Doug is an energetic and inspiring speaker that engages with his audience to make his presentations interactive, accessible, and enlightening. We will definitely ask him to come back and speak at next year’s program!
— Jeremy Goldman, Jewish Federation of Howard County Professional Leadership Program
Doug came to speak for us at our NACE meeting in Minneapolis. He provided a new and positive sales approach personalize for us. Our attendees left the meeting refreshed and inspired to reach out to all their clients. He practices what he preaches, inspires the hospitality industry and truly is a Nice Guy.
— Lisa Brenna - Sheraton MN
Gold Medal Winner — If Nice Guys Finish First then Doug has a ton of Gold medals on his mantle! Doug recently presented at a team meeting of mine, and I was blown away at his ability to connect with each and every individual. It was such a great experience having Doug at our meeting, because his concepts really relate to our business. Listening to Doug and reading through his blog really has changed the way I connect with others.
— Erin Gensler, Grainger
Thank you so much for such an awesome staff presentation last week! It was a great talk! I am certain that my staff walked away with some great professional tips that they will use not only for JumpBunch, but as they move forward with other careers.
— Sue Goldberg, JumpBunch
We are so grateful to you for helping us make our Company Kickoff Meeting so successful. Your presentation addressed some critical themes for our staff. Most importantly that all of us need to be sensitive and supportive to our clients, partners and colleagues. You imparted the message that we can’t take anyone for granted. We need to ask questions, be interested in who we are talking to and always try our best to create a positive experience. It’s one thing to hear it from managers within our organization. It is much more compelling when you hear the message in an entertaining and thoughtful way from a leader with your skills.

I welcome the opportunity to have you present to our team at a future event.
— Rich Finstein, CommPartners
We brought Doug Sandler in to speak to our company and he really ‘wowed’ us. His messages were insightful and our team thoroughly enjoyed Doug’s delivery and advice. I’d strongly recommend you contact Doug if you’re interested in improving your organization’s focus on customer satisfaction.
— David Gertler, Social Solutions
Thank you again for speaking to our group and for being a Nice Guy! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation and I’m accepting your NG30 challenge. They’re all things I know I need to do but don’t always make myself do them.
— Cali Kenway, SAWeddings.com
It is not always easy holding a room of industry professionals’ attention, especially after cocktail hour. However, Doug’s dynamic, entertaining and humorous message did just that. This message is thought provoking and valuable no matter what line of work you are in. Invite him to speak to your group today.
— Traci Maricle, NACE Alamo
Doug, thanks so much for this! Your program was great! I can’t wait to share this with our team.
— Nicole Garza, Hyatt Hotels