Time Management for Busy People

Busy? Sure we all are, so take this 10 minute, half-time podcast to help get yourself organized. The Nice Guys Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner will give you 6 easy time management tips that will change your life forever, freeing you up to to be able to finally take that underwater basket weaving course you've always dreamed about, or organize your sock drawer, learn jousting, trim a Bonsai tree, trim your toenails, trim your ear hair, read that Walt Whitman novel you never finished in high school (naw skip that, he was a whiny hack), watch The Usual Suspects again and see all the Kayser Soze clues you missed the first 5 times, watch Spinal Tap (because these go to 11), keep reading this podcast description...The possibilities are endless. You can thank us later.