The Prescription for Excusitis

Your prescription for Excusitis is more than a pill.

Your prescription for Excusitis is more than a pill.

If your career or your personal life is not going exactly the the way you want, you possibly are coming down with a bad case of Excusitis (pronounced: Excuse-itis). Symptoms of excusitis include: The Monday blues, humpday happiness, stinkin’ thinkin’ and negative Nancy behavior. What is this potentially life changing condition that cripples your brain, wreaks havoc on your decision making process and ultimately creates complacency? Excusitis is a horrible condition that causes you to come up with an excuse for any shortcoming, issue or problem in your life. Don’t treat this condition lightly. It will cause you more harm than you realize.

In its worst form, Excusitis leads to poor life choices, a permanently poor attitude and the belief that what you are doing in life is “good enough.” Stop letting excusitis lead your life. The following regimen of eight steps will help you build the proper antibodies required to ward off this horrible condition:

Take Action, Fast and Furious

Your best bet to keep Excusitis out of your life is to take action. Run, do not walk, as fast as you can away from inaction. You will never be ready for the next step. Take it anyway.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Failure is a part of life. Stop fearing failure and embrace the lessons you learn from it. There is a difference between failing at something and never starting or quitting. Once you fail, get up and try again. You’ve got one life to live, stop living it in a straight line, blaze a new path and mess it up really good. I’d much rather try hard and fail gracefully than never having tried to begin at all.

Don’t Ask Jeeves

Asking the opinion of everyone around you will get you exactly where they are, nowhere (no offense peeps but most people have been infected already). You will always get exactly what you are looking for. If you want to get an opinion, go for it. But don’t let them sway your decision to continue moving forward.

Cheerleaders Have Great Assets

Look for the cheerleaders in your life, they are everywhere. Support will be key in making sure Excusitis doesn’t take a firm grip on you. Use your support network to hold you accountable and pick a handful of people that will not let you off the hook when you become Excusitis symptomatic.

Be Passionate Like Romeo

A great way to avoid symptoms of Excusitis is to drive your vision via your passion. When you are passionate about something, nothing can stand in your way. Passion will wake you up early, help you stay up late at night when you are exhausted, and push you through any level of self doubt that creeps in.

Be Present or Someone Might Infect You

Keep your head in the game and pay attention to what is going on around you. Sure, The Walking Dead, Survivor, your iPhone, Facebook and text messaging have a way of distracting you from your goals and plans, but don’t let them interfere to the extent that you use them to infect you with Excusitis.

Be Your Own Cupid and Love Up

Along the way, it’s important that you reward yourself for some of the amazing accomplishments you have achieved. Wine and chocolates are a good start. Mini vacations, staycations, power naps and small gifts to yourself will remind you that you have achieved success in baby steps. If you don’t reward yourself, Excusitis may take a grip. All it needs is a small area to infect and before you know it, it can take over your entire being.

Quit Talking Trash

I can’t stress enough how important it is to speak well of yourself and to yourself. You will have enough critics in the world at large. Don’t be your own worst critic. Excusitis starts from within and once your brain accepts it, you start to spread its message to others around you, infecting them. Warning: Excusitis is extremely contagious. Avoid exposure to it at all times.

The good news is this, you can destroy and immunize yourself against Excusitis no matter what stage of infection you are infected by. However, it is best to avoid the infection before you contract the illness. If you see anyone else that is plagued with Excusitis, quarantine yourself from them and advise them to seek help. Once immunized, keep yourself aware of the eight step regimen and Excusitis will stay out of your life forever.