Piggy Bank Moments

They are the defining moments in your life that have huge significance. They are turning points, transitions and our forks in the road. At the time, you may not have noticed the change. Only looking back did you see the hard turn to the left or right. Subtle changes, a little at a time, brought you to this moment. Once you arrive here there is no turning back, and that is good. 

She sat down on her living room floor, the movers had just collected all of her furniture and prepared her for the move. All that remained was for her to broom sweep the small apartment she was moving out of. She took a moment to look around and reflect, all of the great memories created in her little space. The conversations that took place within these walls, the business deals that were closed here, the relationships forged  -- all amazing memories. But it was time to move on.

She held one cherished item back from the movers, her piggy bank. Savings tapped out, she emptied the contents onto the carpet, the room void of furniture. She counted out $127. After paying the movers, that is all she had left. Sure, she had support from family, friends and others closest to her if she needed it, but she wouldn't need their support. Not this time. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do this financially on her own. She would accept all the moral support and encouragement she was given, but making the financial part work was her goal.

Although scared beyond words, she collected the money, put it back into the piggy bank, and sat there for several minutes collecting her thoughts, cherishing each of the memories that came to her. She could feel the tears on her cheek. They were not tears of sadness, but rather, a show of excited, scared, anticipation of what was to come.

She made her way to the door and closed it behind her, knowing that she would never be back. She has since moved her life forward, never backward,  nor for a moment second guessing her potential.

What are the piggy banks moments that have helped to define your life? Know that as you make transitions in your life, it's ok to feel afraid. If there is no fear, there is no risk. Without risk, no reward. Stepping out of your comfort zone is supposed to be scary. Looking back, to see these moments, is so wonderful. As you look over your shoulder at your piggy bank moments, feel proud of all that you have accomplished. Sometimes, rewards do not come quickly, but they will come. Be patient with yourself, allow yourself to be scared, but don't deny yourself the opportunity to move forward with your life. Your adventure awaits.

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