Keep Going! by Brenden Sheehan

A few weeks after starting my MBA program, a caption came up on my Facebook newsfeed that caught my eye. It read, “Keep going! Do all that you can and at the right time the right help will come.” I thought, “What a powerful statement.” Motivational quotes are such a great tool for giving us the strength to continue forging ahead without quitting so that we may achieve whatever we set our minds to. What I had read on Facebook made such an impact that I printed out the picture and taped it onto my wall. I’ve looked at it every morning since January 15, 2014.

The reason this hit home is that it’s a quotation that’s proven to be so true for me throughout my entire life. The first time I can recall being in this type of situation was when I was 11 years old. At the time, I was competing against 12 year olds for a starting position on the Little League All Star team. I ran as fast as I could, threw as hard as I could, and hit the ball as much as I could; but I still wasn’t selected for a starting position. One day my dad mentioned that I could ride my bike to the coach’s business and ask him straight up what I could do better. So I did it; only to be denied after a long discussion of promoting myself. However, I kept playing hard and the combination of the impact of my discussion and my effort on the field gave him a change of heart and I started the next game.

Many years later, as an adult working in a Fortune 500 corporation, another example occurred in 2010. At the time I was working in a finance role where I was trying to move up and gain visibility. I supported an engineering manager who believed in my work ethic and encouraged me to apply for a high-visibility position in a completely different functional role in another department. I was eventually selected and it gave me the chance to deploy to Afghanistan as a team member on a cutting-edge program.

These are just a couple examples of the many times in my life where I was moving and moving and kept going until someone stepped in and helped. When I was a boy, my father stepped in and pointed to a road I could take that would require the bravery to level with a 45-year-old man. Although the rejection hurt, I’ve always respected my dad so much for bringing something to my mind that I otherwise never would have thought of. And grown up in a company, the supportive manager’s direction gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith into the unchartered.

The moral of the story is that momentum is powerful. It takes momentum to gain the speed we need to be pushed in the right direction. In each of these instances, the people who surrounded me could tell that I was working very hard to reach a certain destination. Perseverance was recognized and I was just softly pushed down another road. Without that momentum though, those who were around me wouldn’t have seen enough determination to believe their advice would produce anything substantial. Thus, by working hard and running towards a destination in the marathon of life, we may inspire others to give us a cup that’s filled with opportunity. That way, they may share in our victories and take pleasure in knowing that they helped to make it happen.

So whatever your dreams are, keep going and make an unfailing effort to run down the path leading to your goals. If you believe, someone will step in when you need them the most. And most importantly, when you achieve them you may pay it forward later on.

About our Guest Blogger:

Brenden Sheehan is a Pricing Analyst for Northrop Grumman Corporation and is currently working toward his MBA in International Business. Brenden has been awarded many certificates and honors for exemplary service. Check out more about Brenden on LinkedIn