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When you advertise with The Nice Guys, here's what you get -- a combination of hilarious banter, an engaged audience and your amazing products or services . Oh, and one more thing - SALES!

Dollar Shave Club

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These guys can sing, almost!

Listen to what happens when Doug and Strick get a hold of just enough Dollar Shave Club material to sing the blues, Nice Guys style. Sell more stuff, let The Nice Guys sing the blues

Mantra Munchies 


Live Reads Are Convincing

Doug and Strick are never canned. Every read is unique, fun and totally interesting for their community of listeners. Sell more stuff, let The Nice Guys do it for you.

INterview Connections

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The Nice Guys Work for You

Let's face it, selling your stuff ain't easy. Especially, if it's an intangible. The Nice Guys know that. They have a community that knows The Nice Guys, loves them and trusts them. Want to sell more of your services, put The Nice Guys to work for you, TODAY!

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