Does Size Matter? Doug Shares His Little Thing Theory with Strickland

Why does Starbucks charge $5.00 for a cup of coffee? Because they can. Also, they pay attention to the small things. Hear how important that is on The Nice Guys today.

The Nice Guys are giving you a bonus this week- A new episode every day! Regular Tuesday and Friday interviews, and Dough and Strickland together Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fill up your week with The Nice Guys.

Lenscrafters or VisionWorks? Hear how one company did the small things right and got Doug to happily spend $1000.00; and the other didn't and lost all of Strickland's business forever.  

- Hear Doug say "It looks like it came out of a chicken's ass."

- Dr. Russel Clayton, and Mohammad- We haven't heard from you yet! Still waiting on our show intros…

- Shout out to Julia Miller with Seattle NACE!

-If you're ever in Kirkland, WA check out the Woodmark Hotel-


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