Ep. 190: Doug, Strick, and Sunny's Steamy Ménage à Trois, Rock and Roll Stars and Sprint Still Sucks


  • Shout out to Mohammad in Canada for the great artwork!
  • Alexa Carlin, check her out on Facebook
  • If you are a UK listener, Strick will be doing Facebook Live 2 am GMT!

Down to Biz

  • Laura Cannon and Stacey Sherman will be coming back in future shows
  • Stacey Sherman helps rock stars market themselves
    • Stacy is going to be a rock and roll connection to the show
    • With BIG names… like Journey…. Yeah, that’s right. Believe it!
  • Sunny ran a half marathon!
    • Michael Phelp's Under Armour training commercial made Sunny feel unprepared for her half-marathon
    • But we bet she did great!
  • The Cost of Silence for a Business
    • If most businesses are not following the social media discussion about them, they are screwing themselves over
    • For every problem that exists, there 28 others that you don't hear about

Action Steps

  • Ask your customers questions to gain feedback
    • Make sure the feedback process is easy
  • If a potential customer is unresponsive, say, "Hey, I don't want to keep bugging you. I just wanted to touch base and check if you still needed my services?"
  • "Bomb, Bomb" is a company that sends video text or image text. You can track it and see how many times someone opens it or watches it
  • So much of communication is nonverbal
    • It does not matter what your frame of mind is when you are sending an e-mail or a text, it the recipient’s frame of mind that matters
  • If you have a guest on a podcast, go the extra mile and send them a thank you gift.
    • Those small things can have a really big impact
  • When you give your customer the silent treatment, they can feel it!
  • Paying attention has become uncommon

Closing Lines

  • Sprint still sucks

Doug- @DJDoug

Strickland- @NiceGuyonBiz

Show notes: Production Assistant - Anna Nygren http://www.annavnygren.com/

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