Ep. 130: Matt Keller isn't just a business coach, he's a People Builder. The Key to Everything

Today our interview is with Matt Keller. Matt is an author of 3 books, he's a speaker, leadership coach, podcaster, and a pastor. He has a great story and a great message for any entrepreneur, hear all about it on The Nice Guys today.

-Here's more that you'll hear about Matt today:

-In 2002 you started a church with $9200 and 4 people.

-He thinks of himself as a People Builder.

-All leaders face unique challenges.

-Being a leader is all about Teachability.

-Teachability is being willing to relearn that which you think you already know.

-There are 5 roadblocks to teachability: Pride, Fear, Insecurity, Pain and Pace

Check out Matt's book- The Key to Everything: Unlocking the Secret to Why Some People Succeed and Others Don'thttp://mattkelleronline.com/books/

Find out more about Matt at www.mattkelleronline.com


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